Questionnaire to Mayoral Candidates for City of Stirling Elections and their Responses - 30 September 2019

Sunsets Not Skyscrapers sent out a questionnaire to all Mayoral Candidates in the upcoming City of Stirling local government elections. 

Click this link to see it in full - Questionnaire
The candidates responses to the questionnaire are for your reference when casting your vote in the forthcoming election. Click the links below to see responses, in order as they were received, in full:

Adam Spagnolo

Sanjeev Gupta

Mark Irwin
Terry Tyzack
David Lagan
Elizabeth Re
Remember your ballot paper has to be returned by the 19th of October, 2019.

Below is a news article from the Community News on 3rd July reporting the current Mayor, Mark Irwin's, view on the the 3 Oceans development.

Authorised by Robyn Murphy 4 Howell St Marmion 6020
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Speech by Jan Barrie for Sunsets Not Skyscrapers at Parliament House - 7th Nov. 2018

Intro by MC, Russell Goodrick -Jan Barrie, long time resident of Scarborough & Member of Sunsets Not Skyscrapers.
Good morning Members of Parliament, Ladies and Gentlemen. It’s good to see so many community groups represented!
I’ll be circulating two petitions here today about something our group feels strongly about and we hope you’ll sign them. I’ll also hand out some flyers for you to read.
But first, I’d like to tell you a story. It’s about a beautiful beach.White sands, rolling ocean, magnificent sunsets. You know it well!It’s called Scarborough Beach. Up until the 1980’s this beautiful beach had a low level skyline-a bit like Sydney’s Bondi or Queensland’s Noosa.Then along came a greedy and dishonest little boy with lots of money, questionable ethics and connections in high places.Corrupt decision makers allowed him to build a towering high rise hotel on this lovely beach which broke all the rules and set a dangerous precedent.

Form Letters to Members of Parliament - Download Sign and Send

We have drafted two form letters, one to the Minister for Planning, Rita Saffioti and one to the Member for Scarborough Liza Harvey (this one for Scarborough electors only).  
Please download, print, sign and send directly to ( and or to us at  Ask friends and family to sign too and remember to make sure addresses are inserted so you receive a reply and so the MPs can verify your identity.  
The wording can be amended to make the message more personal or to express your particular concerns.
Download by clicking below:
Form Letter to Minister for Planning, Rita Saffioti
Form Letter to Member for Scarborough, Liza Harvey

Sunsets Not Skyscrapers

Flyer Update -1

What is happening? The Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA) have approved the construction of two mixed-use residential and hotel accommodation skyscrapers on the Scarborough Beach Road / West Coast Highway intersection. The development is driven by Chinese tycoon Ma Xibo, whose Hebei Qianjin steel group owns the developer (3 Oceans).
Why are we trying to stop this? The skyscrapers planned for Scarborough are 43 and 33 storeys high! This is nearly 4 times the MRA’s height limit and 2 ½ times the height of the Rendezvous Hotel. The MRA’s Scarborough Master Plan adopted in 2016 after significant public consultation outlines a base maximum height for all developments of 12 storeys, with consideration of 18 storey proposals where it “provides significant community benefits”. If the skyscrapers are built they will create a significant over-development of the Scarborough beachfront, destroy the relaxed beach vibe and set a dangerous precedent for future skyscrapers on the Perth coastlin…

Petitions Launched - Sign Up to Send a Message to Parliament

We now have two petitions to the WA Parliament circulating, one to the Legislative Assembly where the Minister for Planning sits, and one to the Legislative Council where it will be referred to a Committee for consideration.  Both are equally important and it would be ideal to get people to sign both, but any signatures are good signatures!  
You can download the petitions at the links below:

Petition to State Parliament - Legislative Assembly

Petition to State Parliament - Legislative Council

Contact SNS at if you require any assistance with these petitions.

The Goals of Sunsets Not Skyscrapers

Our group was formed at a public meeting at Scarborough Beach in March 2018, in response to community shock and disbelief surrounding the decision by the MRA to give the go-ahead to 43 and 33 storey towers on the corner of Scarborough Beach Rd and West Coast Highway.  These towers, proposed by overseas property developer 3 Oceans, are significantly in excess of the height controls contained in the MRA's Planning Framework and Design Guidelines which have a height limit of 12 storeys on this and other sites within the Scarborough Redevelopment Area.  Our group provides a catalyst around which the community can gather to express its opposition to the overriding of the planning framework for beach-side development agreed less than two years previously.